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Clear Skin Face

Clear Skin Face

Ever tried a clear skin diet? You’ve never even heard of the term? Well, if you have ever been up late at night, unable to sleep, you probably grabbed the remote to flip through the channels to find something to pass the time until you can fall asleep.  Maybe you landed on a Proactiv infomercial where some blond starlet (we won’t mention names) is telling you how they had acne when they were a teenager and all the clear skin products they’ve tried in order to get clear skin.   There is a reason these companies stay in business and thank goodness it isn’t dependent upon the endorsement of these celebrities.  We realize that they are getting paid a bunch of money to lend their names to the clear skin products but if the product works that’s enough for us.  The starlet can stay there on late night TV for all we care.  There isn’t one of us who doesn’t want to know how to have clear skin, and when a product works the word gets around.

If you want clear skin naturally, healthy living is probably the best way to get it. And by healthy living, I basically mean a clear skin diet. Second to teenage hormonal imbalance that is the number one cause of acne, is toxicity in the system from chemicals from drugs or the foods we eat.  Drug abuse, with substances like methamphetamine or crack cocaine, has been known to cause lesions on the skin, probably due to chemically induced hormonal imbalances.   In order to maintain healthy skin, food is also important.  Research has indicated that greasy foods may lead to a higher incidence of acne and that is why they are not included in any clear skin diet.  The jury is still out on exactly what foods cause acne, but an unhealthy diet is known to contribute to the severity of acne when it erupts.

Any health food store or herbal apothecary will certainly have books on treating skin problems naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals.  They may even have a clear skin diet that both prevents the onset of acne and helps to minimize it if it should already be present.   Most stores of this type also provide clear skin home remedies, both topical and internal.

If you want to learn how to get clear skin and maintain it once you’ve treated the problem, there is a wealth of information online.  You will be able to research clear skin products and compare active ingredients.  It would probably be a good assumption that if several products list the same key ingredients they must have a proven track record (the ingredients, not necessarily the products).

Testimonials can be bought, but if ingredients are being copied from product to product then that speaks for their effectiveness.  After all, what company with any business sense would “borrow” a concept that didn’t work?  If the original product, or the clear skin diet in question didn’t produce results, subsequent companies or experts wouldn’t have utilized the ingredients.

A clear skin diet, meaning a healthy and balanced diet, is in my opinion the safest and most long lasting method to get where you want to be. You have to remember that anything that doesn’t look right on the outside is basically a sign that something is not right on the inside. So think about that the next time you want to put something unhealthy in your mouth my readers!

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  7. Joanne, i totally agree… a healthy diet is essential for clear skin, and good food choices are key in ensuring this… along with good sleep and nutrition, facial exercises too can help enormously… Do you have some good suggestions on how to do face exercises properly?

    There is not enough good information around on the web as it relates to skin care… your post is definitely a good resource

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